2.44 Currency Strength Chart

MOVIE : Setting Up DDE data Feed.
All MT4 versions have the DDE off by default. Try using one of my MT4 selections below to use first.

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2.. Operation of 2.44 CSM and its Features

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Please Watch both movies above. They explain how to set up the DDE in MT4 and operate the software.  You can click on the full screen icon. The eBook has details discussed in these movies. Before you send an email for support watch the movies first.

1... The links below give you a good MT4 demo platform to get started. Anyone can have as many MT4 platforms on their computers as they wish as long as you only have one DDE turned on. 

dde active

download mt4

Also click here to get an MT4 that works great with our software.

If you are from the usa, you need to use another alias. Say you are from Canada or whatever. This is for a free demo account to get the 2.44 working with data. No money is needed to use it. You can run two or more MT4 platforms at the same time. Just use one DDE feed. Turn on the DDE for one and leave it off for the other. Several MT4 versions can be run at the same time..

Most MT4 brokers live and demo accounts will work with the software as long as they have at least 26 forex pairs. There are a few who have chosen to reformat their data stream and special mini accounts lacking 26 pairs don't work well.  Try one of the ones above first just to make sure it is setup the way you like. You can always switch later.

If you experience straight lines with a new MT4 broker, make sure the DDE is enabled and the MT4 has data going.

dde not enabled

Close the platform and the currency strength chart then launches the MT4 platform again and wait for it to give that connection sound-bite. Then launch the 2.44 software. Wait for a little while as it accumulates data.

Sometimes you may have to right click on the icon and select " RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR" from the menu.

If you need assistance contact us at
support: support@forexgrail.com

If you do not own the 2.44 yet go to this page and sign up. Its yours for life.

WIN8 Clients see below.

install 1

win8 2



The movie below shows me using the FX4Caster with AVAFX broker. It may have spot where it stops. Just click the play button to proceed. 

colors of strength chart

The colours on the scale will respond to the numeric value. This scale of colours shows the trending values. Red is a strengthening trend while blue means the trending strength is low. An inactive currency would be light blue while an active currency would be Red. The formula for determining colours measures the strength over several time periods to see if it is active or not.

right click on chart

Right click on the chart or on the currency rectangle to bring up dialog boxes.

pair count

The FX4Caster will create a file in text that can be read in notepad which outlies the various pairs the program found and will use.

error message

If you see this message, your program is not picking up the data from MT4. You should first make sure the DDE is enabled by going to the "tools" bar in MT4 and selecting "options", then server tab. There should be a checkmark in the box.